Next Ideas on Tap:
January 2011
Commodore Ballroom
868 Granville Street


Does Ideas on Tap sound familiar? It should - it pays homage to the event created in 1999 by Hilary Horlock and Kirsten Koppang Telford of Cogeny Communications for Yaletown incubator Ventures.

ideasONTAP became a mecca for startups and on the third Thursday of each month hundreds of tech entrepreneurs gathered to network and compete in the elevator pitch contest - 60 seconds standing on a milk crate trying to convince the crowd that theirs was the best company concept. Those were the days. With the dot-bust, ideasONTAP went in to hibernation. But no good idea ever dies.

It gets reinvented. Eight years later, the folks at 6S Marketing waxed nostalgic about the good old days of ideasONTAP, and decided to bring it back to life as a way for people to connect and share ideas over a beer.

Check out the photos from the last event on Flickr. You can also follow @IdeasonTap on twitter and become a fan of Ideas on Tap on Facebook.